Thesilkroad gets seized by FBI


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So, Thesilkroad Website has been shut down by FBI. The owner has been caught. He was caught with linked profiles of LinkedIn and google plus to silk road.
Surprisingly the website churned huge profits. I always thought it as a scam website.

More here

For the uninitiated silk road is the underground eBay for everything Mafia and drugs related.


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^^ Don't worry.. It is packed and ready. Transfer the cash to my account and you will get it soon. What you already paid on TSR, you will have to claim a reimbursement from FBI. I can't help with that.. :p


at least its not mandatory for me to ship the 'merchandise' to bottle now :p but will lose a lot of business


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Never heard of this site before this news...and now it is closed with so many pending orders.


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Dread Pirate Roberts, the guy running the site wasn't a seller. He's charged on multiple counts(including murder for getting a Canadian guy killed) and the website has been brought down(many more are up already trying to eat up marketshare) but the dealers just like ebay sellers are independent of the site so they'll just go elsewhere, makes no difference at all.

Its just the NSA flexing its muscles and showing us how much control it really has over all information on the internet.


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There are 2 alternatives already, one which i personally used so yea the 'war' hasn't ended.