Things from the U.S.A - ( Newegg, Amazon, Monoprice, Crazypc, Sidewinders Etc)

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Things from the USA

As the title suggests, well to begin with this is just a one time go, as i have a few items to be ordered from there i thought might as well include what others need and bulk ship it to save costs for all . I will be using one of the already available services and getting in the goods. Idea is to help buyers buy @ best prices by combining all goods.

Terms on which this works.

1. Do not PM me with links or price quotes. Paste links here in the thread.

2. You need not pay me in advance, i will quote a price if you give it a heads up the goods will be got here and then be paid for. (This is only for senior members and not for newbies). This idea is not profit but to get mass order with max discounts.

3. If a new user or someone i don't know needs goods a quote will be sent, for which he can pay 100% advance.

4. This will last till 30th August after which i will close the same.
What am I ordering. Well am ordering some high quality cables for some new setup, so people can join me in

Again kindly note, idea is not to look for better prices than India :p, but to buy stuff not here at all at good prices with help of a combined order.


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^ haha... this is believed to be shipped starting September 8. So if your order is expected to arrive AFTER that date, I guess you can count me in :)

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^ nha it can be anything. try not to include LARGE items as one person opting for large items will increase the shipping for all . small items will do. it can be anything blu ray movies , anything


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Anuj, what could be the biggest/heaviest thing one could possibly order? Please mention that so as to avoid confusions. And the average estimate pricing against a USD. :)

I can see that there's a quote for the Klipsch Promedia 2.1. If you can bring in AVRs and likewise nothing like it. :p

vivek90 said:
I would be interested in H70 ,but there's no link for it ... :)
That is because it hasn't hit the stores as yet? :)

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^ speakers are heavy so i wont be getting quotes for that. Also i said i CAN NOT quote any one at the moment. whole idea is to get max number of members and then get a combined quote. major factor is shipping always. i would prefer people dont ask for.

1. Cabinets

2. Power supplies

3. Speakers

what can be ordered

01. Coolers

02. Ram

03. Cables

04. Covers.

05. Remotes / Controllers

06. Blu ray movies

07. Docks

08. Kindles / A like stuff ( note when u ask a price here it will not be super cheap like grey stuff )

09. Fans / Controllers

This is just a random list i made . People can still post other stuff.

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H70 will be here in India soon dont worry. Blood pressure monitors are already available in India mate at similar prices from good companies unless this one is really special.
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