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Aug 14, 2008
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Putting old modems and other gadgetry for sale.
1. Acer Liquid Leap Band- My Sister got it for me. Never used it as had a Mi Band. Is in working condition as a standalone device but pairing it with phone is an issue due to concomitant app availability. Has more features than a Mi band 2. No box or bill available for it.
Product link-> https://www.amazon.in/Acer-Liquid-Leap-Active-Wristband/dp/B019FNIOGY
Price-> 500 plus shipping

2. ADSL Modems with WiFi- 2 BSNL ADSL modems(1 UT Starcom one, 1 Syrmatech one), and 1 TP-Link ADSL modem. All are in working condition and are WiFi enabled. TP-Link one is more feature rich. UT Starcom modem is almost a decade old, while Syrmatech one is relatively new, almost 4 years old. Same goes for TP-Link modem. TP-Link one also has USB port for hooking up 3G dongles and sharing that over WiFi or using an external HDD as NAS with it.
Product link->https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/dsl-modem-router/td-w8968/
Price-> 500 each for BSNL ones, 800 for TP-Link one, shipping extra on all.

3. Cooler Master case fans- 2x80mm, 2x120mm and 1x120mm Blue LED one. Used them for a brief period in 2008-10. After I dismantled my desktop then, they've been lying in storage unused. The 120mm LED fan was never used so it's in "seal packed" state.
SOLD the lot to @silverstar

For more pics and details, PM me

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Folks interested in sale items, please use PM and also make a post here denoting your interest in an item, so as to have a public counter of probable queue. This also saves me from future accusation of Nepotism! ( I'm a well-traveled man ;) )


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I'd like to reserve the fans for myself if they're available. I'd prefer all the 120mm fans but I can get the whole lot off you.