Tikona eliminating FUP ?


Just got this email, looks like they are getting desperate.

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband!! Check out our high speed & high savings Unlimited Usage Plans with NO GB Restriction or Speed Downgrade!!!!
Benefits –
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Download Speed (Kbps)
Monthly Rentals (Rs.)
Installation Charges (Rs.) (Including Service Tax)
Subscription Amount (Rs.)
(Plan Charges + Installation Amount + ST)
Maximum PC/Device Registrations

We also offer a range of unlimited usage plans carefully tailored based on your requirement.
· Annual Option : Pay for 11 months & save 1 month rentals + 100% installation charges waived off
· Half Yearly Option : 100% installation charges waived off
· Quarterly Option : 50% installation charges waived off

Visit : http://www.tikona.in/for-homes-wireless-broadband-tariff-plans-Mumbai
Book your plan in 5 simple steps
1. Click Check Service Availability and enter details
2. Ascertain coverage at your usage location and proceed to order
3. Provide correct personal details
4. Select tariff plan of your choice
5. Make payment through Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card
Please note your Transaction and Subscription Reference Form (SRF) number for future reference. You will also receive an electronic receipt to your registered e-mail ID.

At the time of installation provide your recent passport size photograph, self-attested A4 size copies of proof of identity and proof of address to our TDN authorized partner engineer.

Service Delivery Method
Broadband connection delivered like DTH!
· Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband network is built using OFDM and MIMO 4G technologies that reach your terrace wirelessly. (We request your support to our installation Engineer for terrace access permission)
· A small ‘Smart Antenna’ is installed on your terrace.
· Connectivity from ‘Smart Antenna’ to your PC/ laptop is through Ethernet cable.

Key Terms & Conditions
· Delivery will be completed within 7 working days of online booking
· In the rare event of service delivery not possible due to reason attributable to Tikona Digital Networks (TDN), a full refund will be made by cheque within 30 working days. For detailed Terms and Conditions Click Here

About Tikona Digital Networks
· India's fastest growing Internet Service Provider (ISP)
· Amongst the top 3 broadband service providers in just 3 years
· World largest outdoor Wi-Fi network operator
· Over 2.75 lac subscribers with presence in 38 cities
· Winner of the BWA (4G) spectrum in 5 circles
· Launched Tikona Infinet (formerly HCL Infinet) to offer Enterprise data services across India

Why Wait? Book Order Now!!
Have queries or need assistance with subscription, please call 1800-20-90044.


The worst service on the face of our planet, if you have time and truck loads of patience please try them and get ready for the nightmare in advance.


Fair usage limit is applicable on the unlimited usage plans: ADULM1024 (30GB), ADULM2048 (50GB), ADULM4096 (80GB), ADULQ512K (90GB), ADULQ750K(90GB), ADULQ1024 (90GB), ADULQ2048 (150GB), ADULQ4096 (240GB), ADULH300K (180GB), ADULH512K (180GB), ADULH750K (180GB), ADULH1024 (180GB), ADULH2048 (300GB),ADULH4096 (480GB), ADULA1024 (360GB), ADULA2048 (600GB) and ADULA4096 (960GB). Contention ratio increases post fair usage consumption, although there is no limit on usage.



Its good in Chennai. Two of my friends are using it.
Tikona is the worst ISP in Chennai. I have had very bad experience. Down times are high, worst service attendants, worst customer support. All the sweet talks are only till they sell you a connection.


Tikona has not removed FUP. I was interested in 2 mbps ULTD plan and I called them to confirm. 50 GB is the FUP (in 2mbps plan). I got it anyways. I am happy. No issues. untitled.jpg


Diablo's Rapier
I did a huge mistake turning to Tikona.
Been using Airtel's 2222 Plan for a long time (2Mbps till 30GB Then 1Mbps). However on screwed up day i decided to go for Tikona.
They were never able to deliver 4Mbps to my connection and right after 80GB the restriction starts, which might give you anything between 1-2Mbps of speed.
Registered at-least 10-15 tickets regarding issues with bandwidth but no one ever called back or listened to me. So I kept the Tikona connection and connected a Download Box to it (My EEEBox) and downgraded by Airtel to the least possible Unlimited Plan.
As for the calculation, the down loader is giving me an average of 16GB a day and using all my other devices on Airtel.

Though, for Rs. 1500, it isn't that bad of a plan for Ghaziabad Users.


Thanks a lot OP for the information, I am an existing Tikona subscriber. I got my plan changed, thanks to this post.;)


I was using ABB1499 plan (2mbps till 36 GB & 1 mbps after that), monthly rental 1499+Tax.
I changed it to ADULM4096 plan (4mbps unlimited), monthly rental 1499+Tax.