FS: Others Tile Mate BT Tracker - 4 units


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Dec 10, 2019
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FS are 4 units of Tile Mate trackers
They are great trackers - Very reliable and multiple notches above the cheap BT trackers. I cannot count the number of times they have saved me from wasting time searching for my car keys / wallet etc.
If you are prone to misplacing your stuff, this is pretty much a no-brainer and I genuinely mean it by virtue of experience :)

I have purchased multiple cheap BT trackers in the past and nothing comes close to them.

Condition is good - Functionally perfect, visually OK with some scuff marks as can be seen in pics

Battery is replaceable - takes the regular CR2032 cell which lasts about 9 months (for me)

Purchased in Oct 2019

Reason for sale: Upgrading to airtags due to Ultra wideband support and native integration with iOS

Expected Price: 1500 each or negotiable if you want to pick all


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Sold 2 to @thechordmaster
keeping 1 for myself as I realized I am also prone to losing my wallet in the house and the replacement tags are already used up :lol:
1 is still left if in case anyone is interested


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Received the trackers in excellent condition. Kudos to the effort that went into the packing. All working beautifully.

Thanks. Highly recommend