Toshiba 320 GB '7200 RPM' 2.5" Performance Internal Hard Drive

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For sale is a Brand New OEM Toshiba 2.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive.

This is to be noted that unlike the usual 5400 RPM drives, this is the 7200 RPM model that gives a good boost to the overall speed of your Laptop if installed internally or great speeds on file-transfers otherwise. This can be a good upgrade to your aging Laptop to revive its performance once again.

Note: This drive is an OEM unit. I have had good experience with Toshiba drives and I will give a 1 year warranty on this Hard-Drive. If it conks off within this period, I will get you a replacement.

The price for the 7200 RPM drives as I searched online is ~Rs. 3300, I am offering this for Rs. 2600 Shipped via DTDC. The price is not negotiable.

Also, this will come in the OEM packaging.




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