PC Peripherals Transreceiver for Microsoft Natural Ergonomic desktop set 7000 ?


Hi All,

so far i was using Microsoft natural ergo desktop 7000, but its dead. NO there is no issue with either keyboard or mouse but thing is my transreceiver is damaged and its not working anymore and guess what there is no replacement available.

i can't pay and buy new transreceiver. already contacted support and authorized center but thing is no transreceiver even i am ready to pay. bought this desktop set in 2008, keyboard died after 1 year, received replacement. and transreceiver is damaged by accident and there is no replacement.

Product is good , there was just no pain when using mouse, but overall i am very disappointed with Microsoft policy of not supporting out of warranty products even on payment. so basically their premium product life is just 3 years. on top of that i cant buy another keyboard or mouse (so i get a new receiver) because old KB and Mouse is paired with specific receiver,

opposite to it Logitech has common receiver and single receiver can support upto 6 devices. mean if one product receiver is damged there is option available

so after 3 years and few months of usage a premium product(for which i paid 5.5k) is dead.if you guys can help me with getting new receiver , or any other info available, please help.

also please advice me on new mouse, and please no microsoft this time. its should be ergo and comfortable and not too big, i hate my mx 518 which i am using currently as replacement.i have already bough Logitech k350 wave series KB so no KB needed.

Thanks for reading.