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Im looking for a good treadmill.
Main usage is for parents -60+ Who will walk at 2-3 speed. Would prefer a wider belt if possible so they are not cramped while walking.
(Diabetes, BP etc with no option of going out for walks) Speed will be slow.
Others could also use. I used to run on treadmills till 11-12 speeds.

So Looking to buy a decent one, perhaps the best VFM. Need good service. Location - Nagpur. Dont mind buying online or offline.
Most of the brands online have terrible reviews.
Budget - 10k to 30k. With option to stretch a little more if im getting a good machine with service.


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For something as big as treadmill, look at shops locally than online. Go try it out and whatever feels best within budget, go with that.
you'll get after sales service as well. Someone from Nagpur specifically will have to comment on particulars.

There are no nationally well distributed treadmill company that have service options in different cities.