Security Software Unlock a Laptop of a dead person


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Hi All,

One of my friends has recently passed way.. He was investing his money in the US stock markets. He was operating from India as he was living here due to his health condition. All the financial details are in his laptop and his family does not know the password. He was unmarried. His parents and older brother (who is currently in India for the funeral etc) hired someone to unlock the laptop unsuccessfully.

Are there any services that can legally unlock the laptop? What would be the supporting documents required for it.



Linux or Windows OS?

If the drive isn’t encrypted and only protected by NTFS permissions, you boot a Linux live CD and access the drive that way. Another option is to look use an application called locksmith for windows 10 to reset the password. If it's Windows OS and the person has a registered account connected to the laptop, you can contact Microsoft support for changing the password. There are many password recovery DIY that you could try like the person above me has suggested. No idea about Linux password recovery, probably more secure.

The deceased person had health problems, he could have applied for nomination so that only Transmission request form (TRF) would be needed incase something happened to him.

What would be the supporting documents required for it.