Laptops Upgrade Ramaxel DDR3-1600


I need to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB

DDR Model: Ramaxel Technology 4096 MB (DDR3-1600)

Please guide me which compatible model should I buy? Do need to buy new 2*4GB?

Specification: CPU-Z

Marcus Fenix

Well-Known Member
The best option would be getting an exact same 4 GB stick but I was unable to find this exact RAM kit online.

I would suggest buying a single 8 GB stick like this one below.

This is the compatible list of kits from Crucial.

This way if the existing stick works you get 12 GB of RAM and you also have the option of buying another 8 GB stick down the line in case you need to go upto 16 GB.

If you go 2*4 GB right now then you can at most go upto 12 GB if you buy another 8 GB kit in the future.