Budget 0-20k Upgrading gfx card/psu


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I've got a i5 4440 with 8GB RAM (which i might bump up to 16), and am looking to replace my ageing 5850 and corsair hx650.

I am a mild gamer, so i want a reasonably capable gfx card that can handle stuff like KSP, Rocket league, Total War / Cities skylines type strat games.

The most stress might come from me wanting to get Project Cars or Asseto Corsa. I will be gaming at 1080 and would like a smooth framerate at med settings.

For the PSU i think the Seasonic 520W should be enough (unless there is a better one at the same price/capacity)

For the GFX card, i am looking at a 750ti, but am open to alternatives, is the 950 worth the premium over the 750ti for the games listed? I really don't want to splurge on a 960 as i am not that big a gamer anymore.



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GTX950 is priced very badly in Indian market. Spending couple of grands more and getting GTX 960 is worth. Otherwise you can search for used cards, if you are open to it.