UPS Battery - Fluctuations


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I have a zeebronics 600va UPS for my desktop system. Recently I had changed the PSU to Corsair VS650. Since then the UPS is not able to hold to fluctuations and restarts randomly. The battery inside the UPS is a 12V 7Ah. Do I need to change the battery or the UPS to avoid restarting of the system when there is fluctuation? Will it do any good if I change the battery to 12V 12Ah or should I completely change the UPS to a new one?


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My 600va apc is rated at 350watts peak. it's possible your new psu's wattage is more than your ups can handle, hence the reboots.


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If the battery is more than a year old then yes you can try changing the battery but it really depends upon load too.

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Go with APC 1100VA.