Urgent help: Buying TV from Dubai Airport while on transit


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One of my relatives is going to travel to India via Dubai in a couple of days. He has a couple of hours of stop-over at Dubai before his next flight towards India.

I was trying to see if it is possible to buy LCD/LED TVs from Dubai Airport while on transit and bring it to India. The reason I ask is because his check-in formalities would have been completed at the place he is flying from. Even if he is able to buy a TV from Airport (Dubai Duty Free?), how would he be able to then check-in the TV or will he have to take it as cabin-luggage?

Does anyone have any experience to share?[DOUBLEPOST=1363845952][/DOUBLEPOST]Anyone?


Rico Unchained
I havn't seen TV's selling in Dubai duty free shops or i might be in a hurry to notice .
Have seen camera ,laptop's , Apple product but not a TV.

I guess you might need to get out the airport to buy it.