FS: Mobile Used Samsung Captivate i897 going for cheap.

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  • Product Name: Samsung i897 Captivate
  • Expected Price: Rs 9150/-
  • Shipping charges : @ actuals
  • Manufacturer page URL: Android Phone - Captivate Smartphone | Samsung Captivate Galaxy S Android Smartphones
  • Description if any: Its in good condition apart from the regular wear and tear for a 13 month old phone. Screen is scratch less as phone as screen protector was applied from day 1 of use. have removed the screen protector for taking pics. Currently running on REMICS-UX ROM based on ICS. No functional issues on the phone except some months back the speaker would intermittently stop playing sound. so after googling a lot about the issue, many people around the world are facing this issue with their captivate as speaker is a bit loose, i just stuck a double sided tape just above the speaker frame and the back plate of the phone and it has been functioning flawlessly since then.
  • Reason for Sale: Not using it anymore.
  • Product condition: 7.5 of 10 only phone available, phone has got some scratches on the back panel and edges due to regular use and contact with surface but screen is spotless..
  • Purchase Date: 13 months back.
  • Remaining Warranty period: N/A
  • Shipping from: Mumbai-Thane

  • Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer preferred at any point in the sale
  • Preferred courier: Speed Post. Shipping @ buyers risk.
  • Payment options: Cash/bank transfer.

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