Using Gigabit Router as a switch


I have Asus AiMesh setup (wired backhaul) with couple of AC-59U V2 routers, and have another spare Tp-Link AC1200 (A6) lying around.

The table in the bedroom has a NAS, XBox, My PC, Work laptop and LG TV which I would like to connect with wire. Currently the work laptop is connected via WiFi.
I recently bought a KVM, so would like to have Wake on LAN for the laptop so that I can permanently tuck it in under my table. Like this:

Currently I have to power it on myself every morning after removing all connections.
Should I buy a gigabit switch or put the Tp-Link router in AP mode and use it?
Plan is to use it like this:


Sorry for the low-effort MS Paint network diagram.

Only the Asus Routers will have Wireless AP's on, in AiMesh.
A6 will handover everything (DHCP etc) to the Asus routers since it will just be used as a wired AP.

Will there be any added latencies? Not just for this use case but if I add latency-sensitive devices like another gaming PC to the Tp-Link A6 ?
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It is perfectly fine to use a router as a switch. It shouldn't add any extra latency as compared to a standalone switch.

Reset the A6, disable DHCP and WiFi, give it a static local IP in the same range of your network and you're good to go.

And don't use the WAN port.

PS: Putting the router in Access Point mode MIGHT make the WAN port a part of switch.