Vacuum Cleaner for casual use


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House is 3BHK flat on 1st floor. Lots of dust. We do have daily help for floor cleaning.

Need something around 5K for picking dust from cupboard, computer table (not inside of computer of course), curtains, sofa, window grills and mattress.

Wet cleaning not a requirement. Prefer compact unit, handheld would be awesome, battery powered even better.
Any (1st/2nd/3rd hand) experience with Agaro?
I have been using this one for small cleaning tasks. Never used it in a car though :D. About a year old now. Just decent and nothing extraordinary.

Cannot say anything about their after sales service.

Edit: I also have this one that I bought initially to vacuum pet hair. Has a bag and not handy to use. I rarely use it now.

I bought this 3 yrs ago from Croma albeit after researching.. Got it for 4.4k then.

Very much happy as its sleek and compact and does the job neat!
Cleans chairs, curtains, mats, carpets etc.
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Let him up his budget. For his use, this will be the quickest to use given the space to cover.

But needs to pay attention to the attachments it comes with and how good they are
So min budget for these things is like 8k? Also, do these things help to clean the ceiling fan dust as well?