FS: Storage Hardware Very Old 160gb and 320gb hard disks


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Jan 1, 2008
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Have two very old hard disks for sale

1. 160GB
Pulled from a 2008-09ish external hdd. The mini usb port on the external stopped working. Used it for a while with sata to usb cable. Has few yellow cautions in crystal disk info. Check image for more details.
Price- Rs 200

2. 320GB
Pulled from a 2010ish laptop, upgraded that to an ssd quite some time back. Used it via sata to usb cable. No errors on crystal disk mark. Image attached.
Price- Rs 400

Take both for Rs 500

not sure about what height these are, i measured 8mm(?), added a pic with pencil for reference

Saw some people setting up raspberry pi's for torrents and stuff, could use this as storage(hint hint :p)

All images here(mixed with another device for sale)

no warranty, sold as is

feel to to msg for any other details

no shipping, local only
pickup at metro station near me
Location- Delhi
cash, upi, paytm
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