Viewsonic GTablet - 10" - Tegra 2 - ICS

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For Sale Product Information
  • Product Name: Viewsonic Gtablet
  • Expected Price: Rs 9000
  • Shipping charges: Buyers wish.
  • Manufacturer page URL: Please google.
  • Description if any: Used very well, no scratches nothing. You will get what all in the pic. Tablet, Case, Charger, USB cable, leaflets with it. Running ICS, TeamDRH from slatedroid. Front camera not working in this ROM(NOT A HARDWARE ISSUE). They are looking into it according to latest posts.
    . If required, will be flashed to stock TnT ROM, fully functional. Its Android 2.2 I think.

No hardware defects, its the ROM limitations. Viewsonic is being an ass about open source.

Read this more for details(what all are working and not working in this ROM)... http://www.slatedroi...-update-040112/

One thing if i am not satisfied, its the viewing angles. Its not enough. Please check some Youtube videos for better idea.

Its nothing like ipad/transformer/Iconia etc. well, for the price though, u cant complain.
  • Reason for Sale: Raising money & Going abroad soon.
  • Product condition: 9 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: Around 8~9 months old.
  • Remaining Warranty period: None. 3 Day testing warranty.
  • Warranty available in: None
  • Invoice Available: Nope.

Ebay Listing --

Basic information about myself
  • Shipping from: Mysore
  • Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer,
  • Preferred courier: Buyers wish
  • Payment options: Cash bank transfer


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Bump.... Open to sensible offers now. Need money people....

Will include a 16GB mSD card.


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Received the item in very very good packing.The product condition should be 9.5/10. Bit busy today to play with it.Once gain A nice guy to deal with.Thank you Jerin
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