VirtualBox : increasing virtual machine's display resolution


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Hey guys, I've been trying out a few OS's on virtual machines using Oracle VirtualBox 3.2. Whenever I create a virtual machine the display resolution is set to 800x600, I want to increase this (and set as default) to 1440x900 (my desktop res. is 1680x1050) , could someone tell me how to go about it :huh:

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the problem with the resolution is the OS on the VM is taking default display drivers.

one workaround in case you are creating multiple VM's with the same OS version is to install the virtual box tools, preconfigure a VM, then use the virtual box xommand line tools to create clones of virtual HDD's


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AFIK a virtual box can`t take more resolution then the host machine. so try at lower resolution


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You can have any resolution you want with a Virtual machine.

@xfactor, Did you install the VirtualBox addons? afaik they have a graphics driver that lets you change stuff around and even gives hardware acceleration in a few applications.