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Selling my Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset

**Please read the entire description**

The left lens is scratched a bit in two small spots. You'll mostly not notice it at all when watching any content, and for playing Beat Saber and all it's perfectly fine. However, you will, of course, notice it if you go looking around for it lol. I've added a picture to try and show how the scratches will look like. Instead of the white lines, imagine lines with the color of whatever's actually playing on the screen, with some rainbow-colored tinge in places, more or less of the same size. Also try to zoom into the picture of the left lens and I think you'll be able to see the scratches.

Bought it from the US last year. Used it to play some VR games (mostly Beat Saber) and it was fantastic, used it for watching movies as well in Bigscreen Beta (Steam). I don't use it anymore. It feels like too much of a hassle to me. Maybe I'll get back into VR when it's wireless and simply tracks your hands or something lol. I think this is a great entry into VR.

I tested it today, and excluding the 2 scratches on the lens, everything works as it should (hardware and software-wise). Some signs of wear and tear can be seen on one of the controllers, and the headband is a bit worn (see pictures). Washed the band, but looks like the color's not changing lol.
I'll say the cosmetic condition is 7.5/10 and it's a solid 9.5/10 in terms of usability (minus 0.5 for the scratches, it's as good as a non-issue).

I will give a 1-day testing warranty if the buyer wants, but the return shipping will be at the buyer's expense.

Throwing in Duracell rechargeable batteries (x4) with Ion speed charger worth 3.4k on Amazon
Can also throw in the AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI cable if the buyer wants it (it can only do 60hz at 1080p though... doesn't go above 60hz)

Asking 25k shipped.

Edit: Forgot to add the picture that depicts the scratches on the screen. Added it.
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No interest? I'm guessing people are put off by the "1-day testing warranty"... So... you can keep it for a week, use it, test it, and in case you're unsatisfied you can ship it back as long as you pay for the return shipping yourself...
Also, the price is negotiable.


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Mixed reality is few years away. Specially the vr headset, the PC and internet all three are costly on its own.