WAN + ADSL Router with Torrent downloading + Local storage


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Hi Everyone,
I searched around for this but the thread pulled out were way old from 2009-2010.

Can the Enthusiasts here share some good ideas what options we have to run a Router with Torrent downloading and can have a Local storage as pen drive/SD Card.

I'm running an Airtel ADSL (130gb cap) for primary surfing and work and a local cable-wala's 4mbps Unlimited connection which I want to use for downloading from torrents.

I know I'm asking too much from a home grade router, but lets see if there really is an option for :

1. Can we have a router that can run both connections and I can "switch" in between ADSL & WAN when I want ?

2. Setup internal torrent downloading on the router itself that uses the WAN connection

3. Attach a local storage for downloads

I'm open to DIY suggestion using an Android box or Raspi... but I'd prefer on buying a pre-built product if it exists.

Thanks alot.


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The cheap and independent way is to get a router with ddwrt support and attach the UL to it.

and connect the airtel to your pc.

the other way is isp1 + isp2 ---> loadbalancer ---> router with ddwrt ---> pc