Budget 21-30k Want a really great experience - What should I buy - an assembled tv, a vu premium tv or a 32inch monitor ?


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First of all sorry for the long post but I really wanted to tell my requirement of a much better experience and bigger view, and the 4 options I have researched for my case. I will be really glad if you can take some effort to see my somewhat long writing. I really need the answer very soon.

I currently have a 40 inch tv attached to my pc for its screen. Its a very good quality assembled tv. I had bought it from a good dealer who produces very decent quality tvs at some price higher than other assembled cheap tv dealers who just give a sized tv at cheap quality but dont give much quality in their tvs. My tv has very nice colors and my brother also has bought many tvs (big ones too) from this dealer. Its a very nice experience sitting in front of my current tv compared to my earlier tv I had before for use with my pc. My current tv is a smart android tv with full hd resolution and is attached to my tv by a hdmi port, and has very nice colors as compared to my earlier assembled tv and was bought at some more price than common price of the cheap assembled tvs at the common dealers found in big no.s at olx.in and youtube vlog videos. My current assembled tv was bought about 1 year or 1.5 years back at cost of Rs. 17000. (so to tell that my present tv is quite a good quality panel bought at some extra price from a good dealer than the other many cheap dealers found at olx.in and youtube, with NOW (a year later) selling 40 inch 4k tvs at just starting Rs. 10,000)

Now I want to have a really even much better experience sitting in front of my new tv (that I want to buy now) than my current nice tv. I sit for very long hours using the tv as like a monitor with main usage as web browsing in chrome with many tabs open, online work and downloading, watching movies and some video editing. No photoshop or so although I really want best colors great experience now.

I thoroughly researched online for my next screen ranging from assembled tvs to budget range branded tvs to monitors. The size I want now is 55 inch for tvs which come with 4k. My budget is - I want a really much better experience than my current 40 inch tv - but I want to keep as low as possible too with that - so budget is from Rs.15,000 to 40,000.

55 inch tvs start with the many common tv dealers at olx.in - from Rs.20,000 (Some tv dealers at olx.in also say QLED panel and HDR included in the 55 inch tvs while costing only Rs.20,000 - while I highly doubt getting these features and any good colors and decent panel in just cheap Rs.20,000 55 inch tvs) Can I get all these things - QLED, HDR, very nice colors, decent panel - in any 55 inch tv at any assembled tvs dealer ?

Then I have seen some fine tv dealers videos in youtube which give some good fine 55 inch tvs at 23,000 and they say that give good quality panels in their tvs - while their tvs being standard common screens (though they truly say that if we want QLED 55 tvs then we would have to spend atleast 30,000). Should I buy their 23,000 tvs - will they be really better quality and experience than my current tv ?

Or I have to not buy any common cheap 20,000 tvs (olx.in) or 23,000 tvs (good quality at youtube seen delhi based dealers) AND SHOULD BUY ONLY VU PREMIUM TVS - which I have found after some good online research to be the KING of budget range tvs, with THEM BEING as good tvs as the branded sony and lg EVEN. The vu tvs are hard to find online n offline too but after quite some searching for vu tv dealers I have found 1 tv dealer giving VU PREMIUM 55 inch tv at Rs.40,000 with 3 year warranty (the online same model at flipkart which is sold out now was selling previously for approx 34,000 with 1 year warranty). The vu premium tv has very good high 400 nits brightness and it has HDR 10 too. So to get my good experience, should I buy the vu premium tvs only - which would cost me a quite high Rs.40,000 which I can still shell out if vu tv's quality is really much much better than the 20,000 or 23,000 assembled tvs. Please tell me this.

One thing more - I also am thinking of buying a monitor - as the 55 inch tvs I would view from like 4 feet 6 inches far away (my current distance from my present tv). Should I sit 5 or 5.5 feet away for the 55 inch tv, please tell. For monitor - I can buy a 32 inch monitor and keep it 1 feet or less far away (very close to my eyes so as to get a big screen view). Would the 32 inch monitor give me as large a view as a 50 or 55 inch tv (placed at 5 feet away ? As I really want a bigger screen view (atleast 1.25 times more) than my current 40 inch tv placed 4 feet 6 inches far away from me. And 32 inch fullhd ips cheap monitors I saw on amazon.in start at only Rs.13000 and some higher for better ones (like 21,000 for 1440p acer ips monitors). 4k monitors cost a quite more. IF I buy a 32 inch monitor, do I really need to go with 4k or i can have a very good experience even with 1080p or 1440p ips monitors ? I mainly do much web browsing with chrome and for movies I watch 720p downloaded movies from sites like downloadhub, world4ufree. Dont watch much 4k content at present but that may change maybe in future. Should I then really spend so much on a 4k monitor or should I buy only a 1080p or 1440p monitor to cut the cost. As I wont be downloading movies in resolution more than 720p or 1080p in somewhat long future.

So what should I buy - I want a quite bigger (about 1.25 times more) view than my current 40 inch tv and I want really a great experience for my screen. Would a 23,000 55 inch fine quality assembled tv really fulfil my needs or should I trust olx.in tv dealers who say to give QLED, HDR, good colours and a decent panel in just Rs.20,000 - would their tv have these 4 features ? or should I buy the KING of budget tvs - vu premium only - costing Rs.40,000 - would they be really far better than the assembled tvs ? or would the 32 inch monitor kept at 1 feet away fulfill my need for the quite bigger view (1.25 times more) than my current 40 inch tv placed at 4 feet 6 inches away ? If so then if the colours and experience of the monitor too will be really on par with the good panel assembled tvs or the vu premium tvs, to give a similar experience, then I would like to buy the 1080p or 1440p monitor - to really bring the cost down from 40,000 to 13,000+ (starting price of 1080p 32inch monitors on amazon.in. Please tell clearly all, as I want now a really much better experience for my new screen display than my current good assembled tv, while keeping costs reasonable if similar experience n no much difference between vu premium 4k 55inch tvs and 32inch monitors. Also to tell that I use my pc with the display for really long hours. Looking to buy within 4-7 days.

Thanks really for reading my whole post.


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I don't really know much about assembled led tv's. How do you know the quality of panel, pcb, speakers, etc? Do you open it and look at manufacturer tags etc? And a QLED for 20k? How will you know if the panel is really a qled panel?

I remember that old crt tv's had generic PCBs and other parts available but those were really bad quality and would die off within 2-3 years. Maybe these assembled LED TVs are same. Generic low quality components without any testing for failure or other drawbacks.


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MAN where do we get assembled tv`s in india ,i would be interested in getting it ,i would go for Oled panel with basic screen conol and connect a nvidia shield to make it smart add soundbar and forget everything else
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Something like lg w7 signature setup
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monitors consume less power
Tv`s consume more power as they give audio out + upscaling etc

if you connect pc to 4k tv and your pc`s processor is lame your youtube 4k videos etc would stutter .


although my requirement is not 40inch+
i am in for 32 inch ultrawide monitors. i will be using the monitor for both console & pc(when i build one). found lg 32GK650F near me in olx for 25k, 1yr warranty. but since this screen has 16:9 resolution, i am still searching for ultrawide. got one seller in Westbengal. 32" 1080p uw for 16k, no warranty tho. argh Decisions :banghead:

then i came across these Hisense TVs with supposed 5 yr warranty(1yr warranty for now tho, maybe in future ?). f*** me, i still cant make up my mind