Want to Buy battlefield 4 But...


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I want to buy battlefield 4. I have a vodafone 1mbit broadband connection. I'm just afraid that if I buy I will realise all the servers I get will be over 300 ping and I wont be able to play.

I play tf2 and I get 100-200 ping on asia singapore tiwan servers. Europe 250+

Is it worth to buy it or I won't be able to play?

Dipesh Gandhi

Sharing my exp of bf3. U can still olay if u r in range if 100-200. But good servers will always kick u if u have higher pings. Better u look for a good isp.


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I will try to add the ip of a few servers here. You can ping and check if they are fine enough. I usually play at singapore servers and usually find atleast 10 with less than 100 ping.