Want to buy Microwave and AC urgently.. Please suggest..


I want to buy an AC and microwave in next couple of days. Please suggest which model/brand to go for.

1. Split AC reqd for bedroom. 11ft x 16ft x 10 ft. I want to buy 1.5 tonne
2. Budget 30K to 35K. I can stretch if it is really worth it.
3. Usage - heavily in summers (Feb to May) and moderately every night to cool the room for an hour.
4. Looking for best bang for buck (both upfront and in electricity bills.. more for electricity bills) & good A.S.S.

I browse through the other threads and could gather that SHARP, DAIKIN and HITACHI are preferred. Also the inverter AC are preferred, but i dont know how does it compare in terms of money savings. Hence please suggest.

I dont have much clue here. I want to buy a microwave mostly for heating stuff and grilling (sandwitch/non veg). But might also want to try baking cakes sometime. So i guess i need a OTG + convection here..?? Please suggest a good all in one microwave with good quality and A.S.S.

Neo / Jayant


For ACs, Daikin and Hitachi are top brands along with General and Mitsubishi.
Panasonic also has a good range of ACs.
You might not be able to get an inverter 1.5T AC from a premium brand in that range but I guess Panasonic might have some models.
Inverter ACs really do have an impact on the power savings and if your usage then I think inverter ones are the way to go.
ASS is very area specific so you have to check locally for that.
Panasonic usually has good ASS everywhere.
I myself have a 1.5T Daikin and service is pretty good in my area.

I have a Sharp microwave at home and with Sharp you get direct imported ones that ain't Made in China.
But mine's a normal one with only heating function and no grill/convection.


AC: ASS is area specific as @kestrel5915 mentioned. The Koreans have generally the best ASS. Even if you dont have a service center in your area, if you can get a good AC technician, that would more than do.

Microwave: you would need a Convection Microwave, for heating & doing basic cakes; these have grilling included. For proper cakes/cookies you need a OTG, not many buy them nowadays. One of reasons may be the limited space in the kitchens! In general microwaves do not need much service. My microwave is a Sanyo, working since the past 17 years. I want it to breakdown, but it is not..............
Once again the Koreans have good ASS, pl. check in your area.
i checked Sharp inverter AC at Vijay Sales.. 1.1 Ton advertise as comparable to 1.5 ton costs 38K while 1.5 ton costs 49K...
49K for an AC is little out of my budget. Unless it is really worth it in terms of electricity saving over the usage year.. any other suggestion in 1.5 ton range within 40K..??
There was one Voltas 5 star AC for 41K. I am not sure how good that one is.

For microwave, i would go with the convection (only basic cake/cokkie that too occasionally).. mostly will use for heating stuff.. so which brand should i go for? Samsung/LG?
A one ton AC just about fits my need. but i have been recommended by friends/family to buy 1.5 ton as some of them brought 1 ton but had to upgrade as it was not cooling the room.

I will visit local Sharp dealer today evening. hope he can sell at prices available on snapdeal (32K 1 ton, 41 K 1.5 ton). Since i want inverter AC my option boil down to sharp, daikin and panasonic - the best deal out of the three.


The room size who have given, 1T is adequate, unless there are other factors added like the windows, direction of the sun etc.

It's you call. Most of the people who buy 1.5T's do not "need" them. They are the ones pushed most, by the showroom sales guys. You would end up with larger power bills.
Thanks. I liked the microwave suggestion so will go with it.

For AC I am confused. With large french windows and direct sunlight on them means 1 ton will not fit my needs. 1.5 ton inverter AC is really stretching my budget.

Any good alternatives in non inverter models for 1.5 ton capacity which will be light on the electric bill and last long? How much will be the excess based on my usages in electricity bill? I intend to use it for every night couple of hours and between Feb to May for say 4 hours a day and 10 hours on week ends.


For microwave you can consider LG MC 8082PRR. It has all the features including combination cooking, multistage cooking, around 151 auto menus (including 101 Indian menus), Rotisserie etc. MRP is 18900 but is available online for around 14.5 to 15 k.


AC: for your usage, inverter-model will be a definite waste of money. AC build quality will reflect in the price, for ex. thicker sheet metal etc.
Carrier, Panasonic, Toshiba are cheaper than Daikin, General, Mitsubishi.

Talk with a few AC technicians to get an idea about your area