WD 1 TB HDD external

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As the title says.

A western digital 1 TB HDD for sale at 4.4K inclusive of shipping.

bought this in November 2009.

As usual contains movies/softwares/tutorials downloaded over the period.

reason for sale, selling every other component, so this too.

Looking for a quick sale.

Pm me your interests.

WD external 1Tb HDD - a set on Flickr
On Hold for John.


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sunil_geminian said:
If u don't want to crap the thread then pm
your suggestions rather than posting it in the thread.

You mean to say that if someone is not familiar with the current market price then let him be unaware & go ahead to pay more than what he can get it for ?

it is also about the INTENTIONS, correct me if i am wrong ???


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no buddy.....
u said u didn't mean to crap the thread.....
so i said if u dont mean to crap the thread then pm ......

ur intentions are good but maybe the seller wont like it....
u can pm the seller about the prices....
but if u post it in the thread maybe he will feel offended !!!!


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Guys it is Ok to crap the thread since I did not mention that no craps/lowballing etc right.

Anyways, it hurts the seller chances and potetialbuyers off.

The HDD is on hold to John, as he was first to respond and payment is awaited.


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Crapping is when you quote absurd rates which have no backing proof.

If a member gives a price which is correct, then the same should be appreciated as nobody is here to make a quick buck of somebody's ignorance.

There is no reason why the seller should feel offended, and if he still does so be it as a deal at the correct market price encourages trust & goodwill amongst fellow members.
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