Storage Solutions WD 5TB Passport Warranty Question


So here is what happened...

  1. I bought a brand new WD 5TB password USB external drive in Jul 2021. I had then registered the drive on WD website and even submitted proof of purchase. I got warranty until Aug 2024 or so. I don't remember but since it is 3 years, I guess that was the date.
  2. In May 2022, the HDD went bad so I raised RMA request. WD sent me brand new sealed pack same HDD and it showed warranty as Jul 2025.
  3. Now again in Jul 2023, the HDD went bad so I again raised RMA request. Today they sent me brand new HDD again. I checked the status of Warranty, without registration and it showed Jul 2025 (2 years) but when it asked my purchase date, I selected 04th sept 2023 and it now shows warranty as Oct 2026. I did not upload any proof of purchase as I don't have it as this being replacement drive.

Now which will be the real warranty date? Jul 2025 (2 years) or Oct 2026 (3 years)? I ask this as I do not intend to open this sealed pack drive and just sell it.

PS: I was using the HDD as Jellyfin media storage and consumption which I feel is killing it.
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Hdd failure repeatedly? Whats wrong with wd hdds

I feel it is my way of using. I have another passport which is rarely used and still work fine. I was using this connected to RPi4 to stream content using Jellyfin. I feel combination of heat and probably constant running of the HDD caused the failure.
Per my best exp on both Seagate and WD the new date is the new warranty unless they changed any policy terms recently.