FS: Storage Hardware Western Digital 500GB Passport (RMA'ed)

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For Sale!

Product Name: Western Digital 500GB Passport

Expected Price: SOLD

Time of Purchase: 2008

Remaining Warranty Period: No | 0 Months | 7-10 Days Testing Warranty

Reason for Sale: Upgraded to 1TB

Product Condition: Brand New. RMA'ed

Accessories Included: USB 2.0 Data Cable

Product Location: Mumbai

Preferred Courier: DTDC / Overnite

Shipping Charges: Free

Payment Options: Cash or Bank Transfer


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I'm interested. Is it 2.5 inches ?
Is there any testing period say 5-10 days ?
I'm in Mumbai, can take it based on your response.
Is it negotiable ?
thomasjude47: I've checked it online... its out of warranty... I think the external hdd's always had 3 years warranty, its the internal ones that had 5 years warranty.

frm.bhb: Yup, its a 2.5inch drive and I can definitely give you a week's testing warranty... pm me if your interested to take this deal further...
I am next in line if available... send me the bank account details if I qualify and this has to be shipped to Bangalore
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