What are the prospects of a hardware and networking engineer in India?


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Hi all.

I am a commerce and business student, looking to pursue a course in hardware and networking. i have a degree in marketing, so i am not from technical background. How tough will it be for me to learn a hardware and networking course? Secondly, what are the prospects of hardware and networking field in india. Also, would like some suggestions on which institute in Kolkata, has the best hardware and networking course. Thanks.



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How familiar are you with hardware & networking ?

Are you like that marketing guy that should have been an engineer because there are many engineers that should have been in marketing instead :)


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i m quite familiar, but i need to learn the basics. what do you suggest. do you have any suggestions. ??


Hi antelope,
I believe there are good opportunities for well educated(knowledge wise) network engineers, I would like you to know that
1. There is no such thing called as hardware and networking, networking includes both Software Side (TCP,IP,SNMP,BGP etc..) and Hardware Side (Routers, Switches, Firewalls etc..)
2. The term hardware as it is includes everything from CPU,RAM to SAS Connectors

That said, I believe you are interested in the Hardware Side (with certifications like CCNA, among others) or do you want to involve yourself in the software side?

Here are a few questions to think on,
1. Why do you want to become a network engineer/network administrator?
2. Would you like to become a specialist w.r.t a particular hardware setup?
3. Are you interested in becoming a network engineer or you would like to take it further like become security specialist, etc..?
4. When you said networking what job do you see your self doing?

I believe this among other questions will help in having a clear path for understanding what to do to achieve your goal.

Hope this helps