What is your monthly usage? (Wired broadband)

What was your Sept or Aug broadband usage?

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Folks, Let us know your monthly usage on wired broadband (Cable,ADSL or Fiber) as per your router or ISP portal.

Kindly take the poll.

To understand, since a few ISP's have restricted themselves to providing 3300GB FUP at 300/500mbps speeds only on higher end plans (costing 4000₹) and some determining 300-500GB as decent FUP!

Note: We're not interested in your 3G/4G usage. Please be honest!
- If you have multiple wired connections, add both & choose the option.
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Cast my vote for 250-500 GB. We have 3 TVs in home and do not own cable so everything is working on streaming. Not all TVs are on all the time but whenever TV is on, it is on internet. Also the usage I gave is approx and I don't know exact usage. I don't know how to find as I use local ISP so there is no portal or anything. The ISP provides unlimited internet so no metering is done.


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Airtel bill has no mention of usage
My Airtel App has poor date range selection for older dates.

Cant even calculate LOL


i install fresh warzone every month so that is 150 gb ..apart from that other usage is 200 to 300 gb .I have 100 mbps UL plan


Thanks to unlimited bandwidth from Airtel, i dont really track my usage now
should be around 600-800gb per month since lot of devices are now connected..

I remember just 2 years back, I was managing within 100GB data