What watch are you wearing today???


Did you see this ? What's your opinion.

Pretty cool. Like a heavily modded HMT.

I wish they spent a little more and upped the budget. I would happily pay $100 for something like this with a sapphire crystal and a better strap.

I am surprised no one has picked up the HMT movement and done more with it in India. There really isnt much when it comes to watch making in India. On one hand there is the Bangalore watch company which is priced kinda ridiculously (~$700-800 for an ETA movement from a no name brand is asking a lot). On the other hand there is the HMT stuff, which while great value for money, could use some upgrades.

Thanks! Got it from a guy from FB HMT Watch group!

Does that guy have more? Link me if he does.


Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde - with beautiful Swiss ETA movement!

3 - Copya.jpg

1 - Copya.jpg

Thanks! Got it from a guy from FB HMT Watch group!
https://www.facebook.com/groups/105892313937 this is the FB group. I remember the guy had added few more 'available' posts - his name is Gautam Haryani.
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Such a nice and clean chapter. Hand wounds have a charm of their own.
True! And they make the movement look uncluttered + it's a practical solution too if you have multiple mechanical watches [as against automatics]. You anyway end up winding it when you pick it up to wear!

couple of more pics!!
Had to reduce the pic resolution to post but still looks cool and beautifully machined!!

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That dial looks gorgeous! But why do you think it is franken?

Multiple reasons. The price I paid for it was like 1/5 of the original price and its in absolutely pristine condition, like literally out of the box new. The hours, minutes and seconds hands on this model are supposed to be blue as far as I know but mine are silver. The rotor wheel on the movement is supposed to be golden but mine is silver. The parts are all 100% original, no way you can fake that dial for that kind of money and the movement in it is pretty much the most common automatic movement in the world.

I mean I am not complaining, it runs perfectly well and looks phenomenal. But I am also pretty sure its a franken.



Picked up the watch from local shop for 500 bucks. Improvised the band from another Rs.300 watch.
Arabic day date with English. Originally bought from Saudi. Maybe a bad copy. Who cares!

My first automatic.....yet to repay Dad for this one!

Cheapest "branded" Automatic I could find....
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I recently bought an Apple watch series 6 the blue coloured variant, really loving it, but, I upgraded from the series 4, I'm not really feeling a difference from it, but I'm really enjoying the blue coloured watch