Budget 90k+ Whats the Best Laptop Right now


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Hey Guys! Looking to Buy a Windows Laptop Kinda Future Proof
No Budget Constraints, Buying in USA
Please Suggest...

some options i looked at are HP Spectre x360, Dell XPS 17


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Since you’ve not mentioned a specific purpose I guess the laptop is required for general use. In case you really want a future proof laptop I’d recommend a Mac. Once you go the Apple way, you wouldn’t look away :)


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Thanks for your suggestions guys but am specifically looking for a windows laptop, my purpose is mainly office work /productivity and movie watching but I would go for the latest and greatest
I have a macbook pro... hence i need a windows laptop so that in future i can pass on to my family members who are windows users


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hp elitebook g7 with a 1080p touch screen, i7 16 gb ram 512 ssd. also has the ax201 wifi 6 card for future proofing

perfect! I use one and its seamless.
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