WhatsApp introduces Channels - May cause Privacy issues for maximum novice users in coming time


Just found this on my whatsapp, got updated to Version on Redmi Note 11 PRO
Websites claim you can create your own channels too, but that feature is not available on my mobile or not yet rolled out.


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Can channels get information of their subscribers?
-Channel followers can't see when you follow or interact in a channel
-Channel Admins can't see your full phone number, unless they have saved you as a contact
-Admins can see your profile photo based on your privacy settings
Are channels the new forums? Are we gonna see separate TE WhatsApp and Telegram channels? :D
lol, doubt it. It's tailored towards celebs and influencers or people who think they are celebs and have followers. It's a one way status update system. No one can reply to the messages in a channel. So no use if you want people to respond to posts.
> Not to argue but majority of WhatsApp users in India {read about are aged people in family and maximum are novice users}

Old people indeed may be less technical-savy, more prone to believe in unscientific things, etc. may be right.
But to say old people are primary users of whatsapp have to be abject misinformation.

Many corporations here themselves provide whatsapp based information and updates to all age groups.
I don't think you will find a single youngster not using whatsapp, can you inform old people here what is the new chick-thing messenger so hip in youngisthan ? Insta, after sukerberg told fb is for old peeples ? lol.

btw, found whatsapp channels helpful in keeping local small business groups organized when administered properly, no more random new message indicators on each group independently (whatsapp notifications can be perceptually disabled also). In our area, there is a whatsapp group which is tightly managed for busing and selling by local farmers /producers, quick labor help, etc.; the group manages it well and they utilized channels optimally, found it good.
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