Where can i buy Anchor XL Electrical Switches (NOT Penta or Roma) for Home in Chennai


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Hello Friends,

I am from South Chennai (Madipakkam)
I am Renovating my 16 yr old House in terms of Raising height (Outer), Changing Tiles (inner and outer), Mosaic Polishing, Sanitary ware (from Indian to western), Painting (Asian Paints home solutions) and ofcourse Electrical Work (Renovations and Modifications)..

Except Everything else i am now stuck at the Electrical Part "The Switches" and "sanitary"..

16 yrs ago when my father built this house he only Got Anchor electrical Switches, The PENTA model.. And he Fixed them.. We had no problems till date until some switches started making problems.. As its known that Penta are Non modular switches (Fixed in Wooden Boards).

But now Anchor has come up with Modular Switches with models such as Roma, Voila, etc..

But with Non-modular, Anchor has also introduced the XL: Model.. XL are the color switches..

Now wer ever shop i go in Chennai (to my knowledge), i only get the Penta model.. But i am looking for the XL model which none of the shops i came across hav got!!

I am not in a situation to put change to modular type as i have to change the whole set of boxes which is cumbersome..

Please Anyone who had renovated ur house recently and changed to XL switches (Not Roma), please would you give me the Address of the shop from wer u bought the XL switches...

With Sanitary ware, I am changing two bothrooms. Both Bathrooms had Indian Sanitary ware.. Now i am changing one into Indian and one Western..
I have bought and Changed the Indian..
But for Western, i want to buy the Anglo Indian type.. But i did not find that model anywer Here in Chennai.. So please help that too...

NOTE - (Dos and don'ts)
1) Please dont give me the Anchor office Address, Chennai.. Becoz, I contact them and they said, they only deal with dealers and wholesalers..
2) Please give the shop details in CHENNAI alone.. I dont have enough time to buy from Mumbai or Delhi..
3) As i mentioned above please give the details of XL switches, not the ROMA..
4) Please dont ask me to Search for Shops at Parrys or Sowcarpet.. I dont have enough time to do searches...

I want this type - Anchor XL - Anchor
And not this type - Roma - Anchor

Help appreciated..