Where is the money going?

Not just that, it is also how lack of foresightedness leads to double taxation through delayed implementation of projects and wastage of tax payers money.
Just had a harrowing experience yesterday going from my place to Fort area, Hutatma chowk. Took me around 3.5 hours to reach thanks to traffic in the name of metro, coastal road development. W.E. highway has become a complete sh!+ show. Ended up paying ₹2500 for a cab drive which should have been a ₹20 ride.
End of day, katna toh aam aadmi ka hi hai... development or no development.
Be ready for accuracy of trollers though..
Nehru was responsible for this.. standard reply.
Where did is the money going ?

Going into privatizing profits and making public shoulder the loses of those private parties.
A study about bad loan write offs in truthful manner will be a starter.