OC & Modding Where to get a plexiglass/acrylic side panel for CM690 II?


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Guys, I'm trying to mod my CM690 II here. Was looking for an overhaul by buying a white Corsair Graphite 600T, but since was advised by the forum members that it won't be a substantial upgrade to my current case, decided to mod this one.

Have a couple of queries to the experienced modders:

1. Where do you guys buy the transparent side panel sheets/plexiglass/acrylic from? Online or any store? :huh:

2. I am looking for a full transparent side panel for my 690 II. Please advise on some ideas to make it look better and work better as well. I will be buying white LED fans to go alongside this. I also thought of painting my case white in the rims but then decided against it ( Just won't suit the overall looks) :p

Awaiting your feedback. Thank you, once again :clap:!