Storage Solutions which 128 GB SSD ? OCZ vertext4 VS Crucial m4


Hello All,

i am looking to buy a new SSD, it will be OS drive and will install ubuntu 12 on it.

- which SSD , OCZ comes with 5 year warranty,
- there another option intel 520 which again comes with 5 year warranty.
- pc is used mainly for web development so reliablity is major factor.
- also would my old hardware support SSD ? (AMD 5600 + ASUS M2AVM)
- do i need anything extra than SSD so it fits in my cabinet ?

this is first time i will use ssd so i have not much about it.

anything else i should be aware of .

Thanks in for reading and replies,


What ever reviews i have read , if its reliability and speed Crucial M4 is top of the line and the best, comparable with intel and samsung


all ssd are in 2.5 inch size and desktop needs 3.5 inch hard disk.
so this desktop upgrade kit has bracket to make it 3.5 inch and power adapter and sata cable.


From what I've researched, if your PC has SATA connectors then you should not have any issues connecting the common SSD that you have listed.

Also, you might not need the desktop upgrade kit, i.e., the 2.5" to 3.5" bracket adapter. The SSDs are very light, around 100 gms at the upper end, so you can just keep it anywhere in the cabinet or stick it with tape.


Lokesh, if you want strict reliability, SSD technology is not very mature at this time. For various reasons, including flash chip , firmware bugs, operating system kernel issues, different filesystems and software used to access the data; all can cause failure under different workloads. If something is at stake with data on an SSD, ALWAYS have regular backups.

On Ubuntu, install rsnapshot and run it at a low nice and ionice level every hour to backup your / partition to a rotating rust hard drive. This is extremely space efficient yet convenient backup option. Btrfs is better about not wearing out SSDs than ext4.

OCZ has better support for updating firmware in linux than crucial, though you can find the iso to burn on a CD with crucial also, after some digging.

OCZ vertex 4 comes with an adaptor to install on 3.5 inch bracket, I think crucial m4 doesn't as mentioned in one of the consumer reviews here : - Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD). Verify with your seller.


Lokesh, if you want strict reliability, SSD technology is not very mature at this time. .

Really thanks for reading and reply.

actually i am looking for a reliable boot HDD as my current seagate barracuda is 5 year old so just want to replace it before its start giving me trouble. i dont know where are good old HDD has gone, all HDD came with 5 yr warranty it showed MFG confidence in their product.

nowday net is full of HDD crash stories for every model. seagate , WD Green, WD Black ...

anyways i really need one so which one you suggest as reliable option, speed and size comes second.