Which Game/ Games do you always keep installed on your PC/ Console?

Battlefield 3 . Thousands of hours into the game. Thanks to @puns for giving me a free copy back in 2013 and @Arjun for helping me buying the premium from the US amazon store when i did not have a credit card.
wow, 10 years back. It still is a great game and I have gone back to it now and then for multiplayer action.
I also install Roller coaster tycoon now and then, some tower defense steam games like defense grid 1 & 2, infinitode 2 for casual gaming.
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Assassins' Creed 2
Cities Skyline
Snooker 147
Holiday Island
Fifa WC 2002 Korea Japan

My new addition would be Cities Skyline 2 and Flight simulator 2
These, but spend less then 10 minutes with each.
Just removed 5, including last of us and other titles
Was running out of space


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Always on PC:


Used to play a lot of these cause my friends used to call me but for the past year, slightly more, I guess they stopped calling me as I began focusing on my education. That was an incredible time honestly.

Ah... it's still there but I don't touch my PC. Probably might pick up a Steam Deck for playing story games. My only concern is if GTA 6 would work on it when it comes out.
  • CS2: Will play until death.
  • Destiny 2: This game is boring now, just waiting for the last DLC release to get it over with.
  • Valorant: Only play when am bored with cs2.
  • Forza Horizon 5: Paid for ultimate edition, going to play until my cars get rusty.
  • Overwatch 2: Its just there for no reason.
Any simple multiplayer game for 2 players ? like old counter strike with awp and those small maps
1 playing from laptop other on PC sharing same WIFI/LAN.
Commandos and Delta Force... now those are games which take me right back to college years! The first 2 games, Behind Enemy Lines and Men of Courage were exemplary stealth based strategy games. I loved the 2nd part even more.

Have you played the third game in the series called Destination Berlin? How is it?

Never tried Destination Berlin, added it to my wish list on steam. Will pick it up on next sale.

I have played Men of courage, Behind enemy lines and Beyond the call of duty. Put countless hours studying enemy movement, strategizing and going for the kill.

Novalogic games were way ahead of its time. Delta Force was very realistic. No concept of health. If you are shot, game over. sniper rifle shots had bullet drop back in 1998! I keep returning to deltaforce 1 and restarting missions. Am planning to get other novalogic games like Armored Fist, Comanche and MiG29.
Clive Barker's Undying and NFS 2 SE
Wow. Found an "Undying" fan after a long time. Such a great game it was.
I seldom uninstall games from my PC, and keep adding storage from time to time. Sitting somewhere around 15TB right now. Always think about going back to old games but just don't find the time or intent due to a never ending backlog. No idea why I keep doing this :facepalm:
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