Which games are TE Mac users playing?


The Outlaw
Staff member
Mac and gaming usually aren't spoken together in the same line but being one of those few users, curious to know what all games are the mac users playing or have played in the last two years.

Being a strategy game lover myself, I always have Civilization VI installed on my macbook. Its a 12 inch macbook so you can imagine the experience I go through. It starts off fine and later as the map gets complex, I have to wait 30 seconds for my turn to arrive. Since a Mac is obscenely expensive, I have been waiting for a day I will get a more powerful machine which can run Civilization 6 fast and smooth. Now with Apple Silicon and all, may have to wait more even if I manage to get a Pro or iMac.

Wish to try Tropico latest version some day.

So how about other Mac users. Any casual/serious gaming going on?