Which VPN for India?


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I am planning to shift completely to a VPN for all my devices. Unfortunately, my router doesn't support dd-wrt so I cannot do it at the router level.

Devices: Several Laptops, Desktop, Firestick, Mobiles etc. About 10-13

I am on an Airtel 300 mbps unlimited plan.

I had just purchased the monthly Windscribe plan to try it out but the 3 Indian Servers they have are giving very poor speeds(5-10 mbps). I am getting half decent speeds from their London and Paris servers (about 50 mbps).

I so wanted it to work out with them but it doesn't seem to be the answer.

Any suggestions for VPN service which will have good Indian servers which can provide me good speeds?


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What is the purpose for moving entirely to a VPN? That, I think should be a good starting point.

If you are looking for privacy and all, the choices are different. If you are looking for speeds, the choices are different. There are definitely VPN providers that strike a balance, but they are few. And any VPN, no matter how good will have a hit on speed for obvious reasons.

If you are looking for simply blocking ads and all, there is another thread in the forum which talks about a Pi-hole, which I think will provide you with a lot of answers.

With particular focus on Windscribe, I would not even recommend it for your purposes (shifting entirely onto a VPN). I would suggest it only for those who want to occasionally unblock some websites.

A general rule of the thumb is, do not trust anyone who is giving away lifetime subscriptions. Maintaining VPN servers and all cost a lot of money, and offering severs at speed costs even more money. And these VPN service providers usually do sell our data. It is just that it shifts from one point to another (like an electric car, but that is another story).

If you are looking for some trusted providers, I would say Mullvad is good - from experience (however, I did not really measure speeds - I did stream stuff while I was using Mullvad without any hiccups), and I have also heard good things about Express VPN.

I think it is time we have a separate section for VPN and Privacy now that things are coming to a head. It will be easier for people to share and exchange views.

@kuduku @salman8506 @prabs @bfz @JMak could also add their opinions.



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Ive used limevpn which had 2 good indian servers as well. They are Singapore or Hong Kong based .

they are cheap and you can try them for 1 month before comitting


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Thank you for your detailed inputs. After some research, I now connect to Singapore windscribe servers instead of India.

Over the last 2 days it has been really great. Consistently getting speeds of 50-100 mbps from these servers and they are running at 15-20% load so future looks decent

I would have loved to connect to India servers as I want my Netflix and other streaming service set to India only. However when I connect to sg servers these guys end up thinking I'm in sg