FS: Desktops White Themed Asus Strix Gaming Desktop w/RTX_3090 - COD

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Expected Price (Rs)
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Kerala, Kottayam
Item Condition
5 out of 5
Payment Options
  1. Cash
Purchase Date
Feb 13, 2021
Shipping Charges
Excluded - at actuals
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  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
Invoice Available?
Reason for Sale
Going Abroad
  • Product Name: White Themed ASUS ROG STRIX Gaming Desktop



Abbreviation - NUW --> Not under warranty | UW --> Under warranty
  • Face to Face Deal is preferred but if that's not possible then shipping via Shiprocket is offered
  • Description if any: It is in good condition and is fully functional, ready for its next owner to put it to good use. I have taken excellent care of it, regularly maintaining it to ensure optimal performance. The PC has no major scratches or damages, and all its components are functioning as expected.
  • Product condition: 10 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: 12 - 2 - 2021
  • Reason for Sale: I am unable to take my PC to Canada for my higher studies, which is why I have decided to sell it. As much as I would like to take it with me, various challenges such as shipping restrictions, customs regulations, and other logistical issues made it difficult for me
  • Shipping: Buyer's expense
  • CPU, Motherboard, RAM - 2019, rest was purchased recently
  • Remaining Warranty period: GPU warranty till 2024
  • Warranty available in: India
  • Purchase Location:
    • CPU, Motherboard, RAM - Newegg, USA.
    • GPU, Case, PSU and Intake & Exhaust Fans - Amazon, PCmonster.in and MDComputers, India.
  • Invoice Available: GPU
  • Payment Method: Cash on Delivery
Expected Price: Rs 1.02L
For price discussions or any question or query please keep it to PM
Please note that the PC is being sold as is, and I am not willing to sell any individual parts separately.

I am happy to stress test the GPU on the PC I am selling using any software of your choice. I understand the importance of ensuring that the PC is fully functional and can handle demanding tasks. If you have a preferred stress testing software, please let me know, and I will be happy to run the test and provide you with the results. I want to make sure that you are satisfied with the PC's performance and confident in your purchase.

This computer has been used primarily for data science and machine learning purposes, which means that it has been optimized for high-performance computing tasks. Additionally, it has been used for some light game development. This PC is well-suited for those who need a powerful machine for data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and other intensive computational tasks. With its robust hardware specifications, it can handle demanding workloads without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this PC, please don't hesitate to ask. I am happy to provide additional information or specifications as needed.



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Hey I am interested in the build and I have a few more questions about it along with the mode of payment and shipping costs
  • partial payment received
  • received delivery address
  • created shipment ( delhivery XXXX923 )
  • pickup scheduled on Monday 27th February 2023
  • forwarded tracking id to @Slayer69
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