Why am I not able to post a 'For Sale' thread?

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Since there are so many members who are time and again asking this question without going through the section guidelines, let me highlight them here:

To start a new FS thread you need at least to be a Disciple group member.

Registered members move from Recruit to the Disciple usergroup once they satisfy the following conditions.
  1. Have been a member at TE for at least 1 month
  2. Have posted at least 25 messages
Please wait a few hours after you meet the above requirements for the privileges to unlock.

This, and all other guidelines related to the market section are mentioned in this thread here: https://techenclave.com/community/t...ines-on-how-to-use-the-market-section.129161/

Please go through the thread in full.
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Posts made in market section or in general talk section do not count towards your post count.
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