Why Dealer's Paradise is dead ?


By dealers you mean like Rahul from Itwares? :mad:
Pristinenote was good. I got my audio stuff from Gautam (i think that is the correct name). Asus Xonar STX, still working fine.

Bought my Graphics card and Monitor from SMCInternational.

PrimeABGB used to give out good deals too.

Never ordered from ITwares. Amarbir was the talk of the town in a bad way here though. I saw him leaving forum too.


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Dealers Paradise is indeed in bad shape since a loooong time.
It either needs to be locked or closed or encouraged by contacting old dealer members.
As of now it eflects bad image for newbies and experts joining in.


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It's the effect of all the big e-tailers, profit margins are already small so they won't bother posting on forums when they can do the same via FK, SD, etc.,
Similar thing happened on IVG, all game shops have disappeared or shut shop since e-tailing went big.


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Most of them are active on ebay, they can avoid ebay charges by posting here though...


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I guess dealers have a lot better options nowadays, especially online channels which have a wider reach compared to TE.

It was kinda inevitable. Off the top of my head, Pristine Note was someone who I have only good words to say about.


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I also think that its because of lower profit margin. How much commission does TE charge? Perhaps dealers would be interested if there is no charge incurred on them for the first x-deals (where x is the number of deals). One clear advantage of selling on forums is the members wont simply give a bad review for no reason unlike online e-com sites. There are too many sellers on fk, sd etc. so customers may more often than not even remember the seller's name but on TE they will get the perfect visibility and PR. Dealers should be encouraged this way.
But people nowadays have started to opt for a more expensive but better service than just cheaper+poor service so there is hope. And the last but not the least we need more active members and from what i can see the number seems to be dwindling here. Heck we dont even have an active facebook/twitter page. Also lack of writers. No journos students here or vat??