Won ebay.com auction for a phone.. got some queries


I just won ebay.com auction for a Lumia 822.
The seller had listed the product as used but there were no original images of the phone. He just used the stock image of the phone and uploaded that. Also , he didn't provided any info regarding phone's condition , scratches,cracks etc.
I had requested for better quality pics and i'm awaiting his response.
1st query:
Now, if the phone's condition turns out pretty bad, can i backout from the auction ?

2nd query:
Seller accept payment via paypal. I have a verified paypal id linked with my bank account.
Few days back, the Transaction password for Net banking got blocked by mistake and i'm unable to send funds from my bank account via Net banking.

So, is there any other method by which i can transfer funds to my paypal account ?

I have a VISA Debit card of same bank (which is linked with paypal). Can it be used to transfer funds from my bank account to my paypal account ?

Also got a SBI debit card(VISA/ Not linked with paypal) and a HDFC Credit Card-VISA(my Dad's card).
Please help me out guys ..

P.S. : here's the link of the auction i won.


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Cant say about the other things, but if you have linked your Debit card with ur paypal account, you wont have any trouble with the paying part.


I havent linked my debit card with paypal. So should i link it with paypal ?
@harryneopotter are you sure about this ?

Yes, the seller is not from India. He belongs to U.S.
If the seller was from India, then i would have used credit card/debit card directly.

Or anyone out here can pay for me ?? I'll pay that person in Cash/e-transfer ..
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Yep, that the point. Seller's rating is not good.
But still i'm awaiting his reply.If his reply is positive, i'll go on and make payment, else i'll back out.
Anyhow, i'll be purchasing another phone via ebay.com soon, so i need to confirm which way i can pay the seller.
I'll be requesting new transaction password from my bank tomorrow morning but it will take atleast 2 weeks to renew it.

Ok. I tried as suggest by harryneopotter. I tried to link my Debit card with that account but paypal refused it. Its asking for a Credit card only :(
Use PP, that way you have two ways to challenge the payment (via Ebay and Paypal) if something goes wrong. As for using PP, attach any debit/credit card to the account, it does take 2-3days to show up on the account.
All else aside, why would you even bid on something before confirming all your doubts. If he refuses to provide a pic/it is in "less than mint" condition (as per you/your expectation) and you say "no" to the deal, ebay empowers him to leave a negative feedback to you. The reasoning is simple: Ask for pics, detailed info, version number etc before start bidding, not after winning.


its just 83.3 percent.
he says less than one month use.
that should be good mint condition.
you have paypal protection and what better deal than 102 $
thats like 6000-7000 ka phone.
go ahead.


@pratikb i want to go on with the deal using paypal only.
But when i tried to link my debit card, it says
"This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card issuer's Customer Service department. Or, you may want to try linking a different credit card."

And there's no option over there to link "Debit card" .

@varkey .. any suggestions?
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Not all debit cards work. ICICI/Axis/Indian Bank (Visa/MasterCard, Maestro no chance) are the few bank's whose debit cards work with PayPal. If you do not possess any of these, then you need a credit card.