Wondering How Many TE Members are playing Valorant !


Riot Games released Valorant with the idea of mixing CS:GO like FPS experience along with some hint from League of Legends with the concepts of Agents with their abilities. I initially wasn't a fan of the idea much as I come from CS 1.6 Background with only 25 hours of CS GO Gameplay, because of XYZ reasons and not being comfortable in switching up to CS GO from CS 1.6 being the one. Now, with very less CS 1.6 going on in India on servers, I installed valorant and tried it, not gonna lie, I got addicted and played till morning the very first weekend after installation. Now, with ACT 3, Mumbai servers are launched and I can see quite a few people playing it. So, this makes me curious as to how many TE Members are also playing the fancy 5v5 FPS !


Brutally Honest
I tried it once and I didn't really like it. I don't know if its the mechanics (all the jumping and other OW-like skills) or the general gameplay but it made my head go fuzzy lol.
I too am from CS1.6 background. Reached MG2 in CSGO two years ago and haven't played any since.
Send your ID anyway. Hoping my 4G internet doesn't ruin it.
Good thing is Valorant has an Indian server now.