Storage Solutions WTB: 80 gb sata 3.5 internal HDD 5400 RPM ? Amazon/Flipkart sells reburbished ? as per dealer.


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I have some old desktops setup with Gigabyte ga-945gcm3 and g-31 configs.
Mostly all data will be saved on cloud, just need users to be able to browse, use excel/ms word.

I am getting all required hardware like RAM/CMOS battery/keyboard-mouse via the hardware dealer, getting good price comparatively.
Logitech mk120 keyboard/mouse combo - 850 INR per unit
2 Gigz DDR RAM - 750 INR each.

But on HDD the dealer recommends 1TB Seagate drive = INR 3400 each
Further dealer adds purchasing 80 gigs (available from 900 to 1200 INR max on amazon/flipkart are all refurbished products (expired and not warranty, if goes BAD).

Just looking for suggestions from end-users here.
Around 4 to 12 HDD to be ordered.


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Dealer further insisted to purchase just 1 unit from any sites and check the serial number for confirmation..
If warranty etc. is there. from official HDD site.


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3400 is quite high. it should be lower. And if you dont need that speed, spend ~1800ish on 120GB SSDs. You can get them refurbs as well..


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Thanks vivek. i am happy with 80 gigz drives, just unsure since amazon/flipkart got same and selling for price mentioned.
As per my dealer, those are refurnished and got no warranty with manufacturer..
I am confused, how are those sold as NEW EQUIPMENT..

Surprised, that cell phone results shows HDD availability (under 800 to 1200 max) wereas desktop results varies and have nothing..

Dealer is right ? (for amazon/flipkart etc.)