WTB: Graphics card ..... 9600 GT or better

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Currently Im using a 7600GT. So far it has been sufficient for me as I hardly play any games..... except CounterStriking occasionally with bots :ashamed:
So basically I'm looking for a used gfx card which is better than a 7600/8600 GT.

Preference will be given to :
- cards within warranty
- Delhi/NCR seller

Please pour in your offers for cards like 9600GT or better :)
ATI cards are welcome too, in fact i'd love to extend my budget for a 48xx series card but it seems like my CM600 psu would choke on it.

PS : I'll open a proper sale thread for my 1 year old zebronics 7600 gt (with bill and box) as soon as I get another card from here :)
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