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Jun 17, 2020
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Hello good people,

Today, I have my trusty GTX 1650 Super up for sale. Why? Well, my friend got an email from RP Tech for the 3070Ti and ordered it without any intention of building a PC (he has the MSI GT75 Titan which he's happy with). He was kind and generous enough to let me have the card for MSRP. The Ampere FE cards are not ideal for my SFF case (Dan A4), but this isn't the sort of upgrade one passes on.

Why have I not included GPU-Z + benchmark screenshots? Quite simply, I got sucked into the euphoria of the moment and wasted little time in transferring the new card in my case. This was a pain given the size of the case and the fact that it's currently modded, and I'd like to avoid swapping the 1650S back to provide the aforementioned data. Please rest assured that this card is working perfectly and that my principles are in the right place. This is also why I'd strongly prefer local (NCR) buyers . The card will ship with 7 days of testing warranty and the buyer may benchmark and stress test it to their heart's content. If there are any issues in this period, I will refund the purchase price and take the card back.

Quite frankly, the GTX 1650 Super delivers all the grunt I need and I've grown quite fond of it. It's (still) an excellent 1080p card and saturates my 75Hz monitor in most games at higher graphical quality settings. I ran my card undervolted (0.875 mV) and overclocked with the core clock set to a max boost clock of 1950 Mhz and a +750 Mhz offset on the memory clock (I strongly recommend the same settings for newbs as I was led to them after a lot of testing/tinkering. Moreover, the card is rock solid at these settings through extended use). Ran cool, quiet, and sipped power at between 70-80W under load (the card has a TDP of 100W out of the box). Hard to beat this level of performance given the efficiency. I babied the GPU through its life (as I do with all my hardware). No observed issues or peculiarities that need pointing out.

Finally, I do apologise for selling the GPU at a premium over what I paid for it, however, I'd like to make up some of the cost of the upgrade as I'm hardly Richie Rich currently. Further, I welcome any evidence/logic based criticisms of the posted price. I'm unsure of the warranty period on Galax GPUs (2 years? 3?). Whichever of the two, the card is still within warranty.

I have confirmed trades (purchasing and selling) on TE as well as hardwareswap on Reddit. Feedback has always been positive.

I've added descriptions on Imgur as well which I would encourage you to read. Please feel free to ask me any pertinent questions.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day.