FS: Keyboard and Mice [WTS] Mechanical keyboard parts, Redgear Pro wireless controller, Arctic F9 PWM, Asetek AM4 mounting parts

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Mar 8, 2022
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1. Redgear Pro wireless controler-
900/- plus shipping.

Used only once after I received it.
Bought in March 2022.

2. Arctic F9 PWM-
400/- plus shipping.

Used for a year or so, it has been sitting in its box since then.

CLAIMED 3.Asetek Intel and AM4 mounting parts-

SOLD 4. 9009 clone keycaps (Dyesub PBT)

SOLD 5. 70x Kailh box cream (lubed)

6. 80x Aeboards raeds R2-
3400/- shipped

Three have been lubed and mounted once for testing.
All the remaining are stock and unused.
I can also lube the remaining switches for additional cost.

7. 90x Aeboards raed R1.5 (lubed)-
4200/- plus shipping.

Lubed with Tribosys 3204 and springs with 105.
Mounted once with couple of hours of use.

8. DZ60 V2 flex cut PCB + Aluminium plate + stacked acrylic case + stabilizer shims-
6200/- plus shipping.

Includes PCB, plate, case, stabilizer shims and an extra acrylic to turn the case into tray mount.
The case is designed for the DZ60 V2 pcb to be oring mounted. You'll need to provide your own gummy o ring or i can include one at additional cost.
PCB is QMKand VIAcompatible.
It has been desoldered twice. Once by me, once by previous owner. Stabilizer shims are included since its 1.2mm thick.
One of the backlight LED is slightly melted. It does not affect the functionality of the PCB. You can see it in images, bottom right corner LED on the back side. There are adhesive smudges on the bottom of the case since I had to stick the case feet.

I can build it for you if you provide me with the required parts at no additional charge. And lastly, I'm open to selling PCB+plate+shims separately for 4200/- and case for 2000/-

1. I will no take any responsibility for any damage caused by courier company or unforeseen future incidents. Shipping is solely on buyers risk. But I will make sure to pack everything properly and share images of the package with you.
2. Shipping is not included in the price. Shipping will be at actual.


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