Xbox 360 Arcade [Jasper] Modded + XboX controller for PC

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-> Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Xbox 360 ARCADE =


Xbox 360 Controller for PC [anywhere]

Sold to Altair


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blahmaster said:
-> Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Modded But Warranty is their as the warrranty sticker is their

-> Product Condition: Great Condition

What sort of modding has been carried out ?

How can one define great condition ?

It will be rather useful to give a rating of the article on a scale of 10.


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It has been Modded With LT 1.1.

While Modding it is necessary to remove the warranty stick other wise you cant open the xbox.

Many modders tend to remove the warranty sticker while modding. However Few Modders using the Hair Blower remove the sticker , mod it and then put it back on.

If RROD does happen , *most * of the time MS just see the warranty sticker and replace it. and has happened most of the time

So Their are High chances of it being replaced if RROd takes place.

2 - Great Condition = It is kept very well and always kept ventilated when i have used. Always kept it well covered when not in used. Runs Great . And im also selling to mumbai users only so that they can test in my home and if they get any issues im always their to help. :)

Condition ill rate it as 9.5/10 because its used already.


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No if warranty sticker is removed warranty is void its written in MS product guide itself.


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at above

Their is a technique of removing the warranty sticker , if you just pull it off with your hand , it will just tear off

Thats why Warranty sticker was removed with hair blower and then it was placed back on.

If you have to remove it again then you have to again use the hair blower technique to remove it.

Thats why most of the time MS just checks the sticker and replace it.

Many modder generally just tear it off since you can only remove it via hair blower
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