User Guides Xbox one controller disassembly and clean up.

Well recently bought a Xbox one X console. The console came with one controller. The model No is 1708. To check the model number of your controller, look for the sticker behind the battery compartment. In my case it is 1708. This is one of the worst models. If you have higher model number then you are in luck. Will let you know later why I say so...
1. The console along with the controller. I have shamelessly copied this pic from OLX.
Another picture showing the controller [all future pictures taken by yours truly]
Note the grime on it. Yuck. I felt disgusted to even touch it.

2. Everything DID work alright but sometimes it felt like buttons were sticking here and there... Anyway, time to get everything cleaned up. It's not a difficult thing to do. You just need a few inexpensive tools for clean up. Things that you will need are TORX T8/T9 security screwdrivers, a flathead screwdriver [tester will also work], isopropyl alcohol, an old toothbrush, few tissue, and clean rags [old Tshirts or Vests are the best things for this job]. One more thing that you need is loads of patience. TAKE YOUR TIME WITH EVERYTHING. DO NOT RUSH ANY STEPS.

3. There are five screws holding the controller. If you have ever opened and old Xbox 360 controller then you might know the location. Two are on each each and fifth one is behind the XBOX BATTERY COMPARTMENT. But to access the four screws we need to do some homework.

4. Start by using a flathead screwdriver and push it into the cavity between the trigger buttons. It's locked by five -six plastic clips. Refer the picture. Start from one side and follow around the controller. TAKE YOUR TIME IN THIS STEP. THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT STEP. And don't worry the clips are pretty strong and you won't break them when you pry them.
Repeat the same process on the other side also.

5. Once you have removed the plastic covers then you will be able to see 4 T8 security screws. These screws have a small metal bit protruding inside and you need the appropriate screwdriver to open it. It's easily available on Amazon / local mobile repair shops. These are called TORX SECURITY SCREWDRIVER. However be warned most local guys won't know its name and you have check it yourself. Anyway remove these four screws. Luckily the fifth screw is easily available behind the battery compartment and you just need to push hard with the screwdriver.

6. With the five screws removed the front and back panels should be come out easily. Did you notice the tiny rumble motors behind the trigger buttons. That’s the reason the Vibration is so good on XBOX controller ;-). I never knew this. PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Logitech controller all have only two motors.

7. Notice the two tiny plastic prongs on the front of the controller. These hold the LB and RB button with a single plastic clip. Notice that there is a single piece of plastic which houses both the LB and RB button. [forgot to take pics of this one. ] Whoever came up with this Moronic idea should be shot twice. Like co on, it’s a single tiny piece of plastic and it’s bound to flex on both sides. It is bound to get worn out pretty easily and that’s the one of the most common issues of XBOX One Controller. Even the old XBOX 360 controller had separate buttons for LB and RB. And this is the reason I told that 1708 is the worst model. I have heard that they have fixed this issue and used 2 separate plastic clips in newer controllers.

8. With everything taken apart you should have about 8 pieces. You can disassemble further to do more DIY stuffs [like say changing the white LED to some other color, or remove rumble motors for even better battery life etc etc]. But this should suffice for most users.

9. Now take your toothbrush and dip with Isopropyl alcohol and clean up everything thoroughly. You can even wash the out casing with water and soap if you are have excess dirt and grime, like in my case. Now use the rags to dry them and if you have access to a blower, then even better. Use blower to blow dry the parts. MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO WATER LEFT BEHIND, OR SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR CONTROLLER. If you DO NOT have a blower then I recommend NOT dipping in water. Use alcohol only.

10. Now if your analog sticks are not working properly then use some Silicone grease / Lithium Grease [very hard to find and I had some imported. But with aliexpress one you CANNOT find them anymore] on them and they should be good as new. Alternative is to use machine oil [I have used sewing machine oil]. Use just one drop. Don’t overdo it. One tiny drop is more than sufficient.

11. One more small addition that you can do is that add a small piece of black electric tape on the plastic bits that touch the LB and RB. This will add about 0.25 mm thickness to it and the buttons will be much more responsive.

12. Now all our work is done. To check if everything is working properly the best method is to connect the controller to a PC. XBOX One controller is the default controller for windows 10 /11. I use windows 11. You can go to SETTINGS-BLUETOOTH AND DEVICES – DEVICES AND PRINTER – CONTROLLER – PROPERTIES. Here you can test all the buttons and check if they are working properly. These is NO indication for the Bluetooth sync button. Apart from that everything can be tested, including the rumble motors.

Now if everything is working is working properly then time to pack everything up and you are good to go.